FastTRACK Benefits

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Inch loss occurs when our FastTRACK treatments exercise your deep muscles. During the treatment, it's like doing 200 situps, but since you are relaxed and our treatments do the work - your muscle will be able to be toned.

Not only this, but our body's natural waste disposal system - our lymphatic system - gets activated and helps drain the area.

With the power of both of those combined - it results in some amazing inch loss results! 

If your intention is to shape your muscle, bulk it for look, or if you're looking to boost your strength - we have a solution for you! From butt lifts, to professional athletic strength & speed training enhancement - our FastTRACK system has an option for you.

During your session, we will increase the intensity a little bit higher to be able to ensure a maximum contraction of the muscle.

The primary benefit our system offers, is the ability to push the muscle about 30% higher than you could at a maximum contraction at the gym - while relaxed and sitting down.

Due to the nature of this system, we will work with you to ensure we acheive the intended results for strength gain or muscle bulking. 

Besides Inch Loss & Muscle Building, there are some additional benefits.

Stress relief can be achieved easily and you can use this as an escape from after work. We perform a treatment (usually on the abdomen area while in a comforting, quiet environment.

Post Partum & Post Surgery recovery muscle strengthening is also available after you have healed enough. We can help bring strength back to muscles that have been torn or atrophied to assist with toning the muscle and skin.