What is Eurowave Body Contouring exactly?

Our FastTRACK treatments are E.M.S (Electromuscle Stimulation) inch loss & body contouring treatments available now in Vancouver BC.

Our system preserves the fat cells (not destroying them!) and uses a patented faradic wave to exercise and trigger the deep muscle to contract and relax.

Our treatments do not eliminate fat - our inch loss happens from toning the deep muscle tissue, and then your body will naturally "burn" the layer of fat closest to the muscle. After the session, your skin and muscle will have created some space in between from the treatment - resulting in inch loss!


E.M.S technology was first developed in the 1970's from NASA to help astronauts regain their muscle density and strength once they returned back to earth!

Since then, it's been used to enhance the strength and speed ceiling for professional athletes, and has made its way into the beauty industry since it provides some amazing results for inch loss! Our treatments are also sometimes referred to as Eurowave.

After 1 session, you are guaranteed to lose a minimum of 1-3 inches on your chosen treatment area.

After 10 sessions, we expect you to lose between 5-8 inches.

Since we are toning your deep muscle tissue, it's important to come in at least twice a week for the 10 treatments to achieve muscle memory for the tone we create. Just like working out, you wouldn't go to the gym once a month and expect results. Same idea here.

Luckily, results can last for 6-8 months or more with the 10 sessions.

Simple answer - is no. It's very important that you have at least 1 day in between sessions on the same area. If you go too often, you risk over working the muscle.

Similar to working out, you can't do leg day every day!

For a single session, your results will remain for about 5 days.

After 10 or more sessions, the results will "lock in" and remain for 6-8 months (assuming you still are eating donuts and not really exercising). Imagine what would happen if you're trying to boost a weight loss regimen! Cool, huh?

Our FastTRACK treatments are CSA approved and FDA listed - it's also undergone rigorous medical equipment testing to provide a completely safe & effective treatment.

Before your first session begins, we will ask a few health questions to ensure that our treatments are right for you.

Not necessarily. It's important to note this isn't a weight loss product. It's the inches that allow you to fit into that smaller dress size.

Think of it this way - people that go to the gym will actually weigh more than someone who doesn't work out even though they are smaller - this is because they are toned and that's what you'll be achieving through our FastTRACK treatments.

If you are following a weight loss regimen of diet & exercise, drinking lots of water and reducing your carb intake - our system can really boost your results!

You'll feel a slight tingling sensation as the session warms up - then after a few minutes, we'll increase the intensity slightly until you feel a slight pull, then release of your muscle.

If your goals are centered around muscle building, then the intensity will be a little bit higher. You can expect to feel a bit more of a "rolling" sensation in the targeted area.

Of course not! Folks of all genders can take advantage of our FastTRACK treatments! It's good to have an idea of your goals - and we can work with you to make it happen!