Need to lose weight for wedding in a month?

Need to lose weight for wedding in a month?

How to lose weight before your wedding day - quickly!

But that sounds impossible...right?

I want to keep this simple. We know that if you're worried about fitting into your wedding or bridesmaid dress on the big day - you're looking for solutions.

You have deadlines, have tried diets and know you can't starve yourself! (please don't!)

But there is still a way to make you look & feel amazing on your special day!

You will require 4 things:

- a FastTRACK Weight Loss Bundle from YOU by Cally

- dedication

- cut carbs/fast food & drink water

- 30 minutes of exercise each day

This is the method I have used for the past 5 months, and I've lost 52lbs total!

The first month especially so, since it was a major detoxification of my body. Within the first week or two, I had lost 7-9 lbs (it fluctuates a bit at first).

It was all about creating healthy habits. But I wondered - how could I supercharge my journey and lose weight faster?

I wanted to maximize my weight loss efforts. Diet? Check.
Exercise? Check.
FastTRACK? Check.
- Cally L

Down 2 dress sizes in time?

Let's say that you were looking to trim down your waist, give your butt a lift, or reduce your back bra fat in time for the wedding.

Once you select an area for treatment, we recommend 10 sessions per area.

In a single FastTRACK treatment, you can expect to lose 1-3 inches, if not more.

With the recommended 10 sessions, you can lose 8-10 inches off of some areas if you put your mind to it. No joke!

Imagine what you could do if you targeted 2 areas in the month before your wedding - pick 2 areas to focus on with a FastTRACK bundle, focus on your healthy habits and you will be able to get much closer to your goals - in less time!

Serving the Vancouver, BC area - book your FastTRACK Weight Loss Bundle today!

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Written by Cally L

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